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Largo Nicolò Castelli 17 Altamura (BA)

P. I . 06900070720

My photography is the result of a precise look at the world, a visual narrative that strives to become memory.



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"I walk barefoot around the house. Thoughts flow better."

Born in 1974, I live in Puglia, my homeland.

I started my training as a self-taught, a desire for discovery led me to experiment with drawing, writing, theater. When I felt that photography could be my destination, I committed all my energies in that direction. I obtained the Master in Fashion Photography in Milan, around Italy I attended courses and workshops on portrait and visual poetics with great Italian and international authors.

In 2008 I opened Studio Petrara, dealing with commissioned and ceremonial commercial photography. Over the years, precisely on marriage, I have built an authorial style, which I like to define narrative .

I always work with care, so that everything that depends on me is done to the best of my ability. I live it with a personal responsibility, hoping that every photo I produce can become important for whoever it is destined for.

The wedding photo

I've always loved visual fiction . Since I started photographing weddings, my only aim has been to translate what I saw into history. This process requires a broad vision of every single moment , a more documentary approach, which freed me from some clichés present in the classic wedding photo. Among these the pose and perform manual photography .

Most of all I'm interested in photographing emotions and not aesthetics, relationships more than stage construction, people and their life on that day.

This means intervening as little as possible in the flow of events, becoming, as a photographer, as discreet as possible. Being present but not invasive, least of all a protagonist.

I am not what you are looking for if you think of the photo only in terms of "wow" or "I love", of "everything must be beautiful and perfect", to refer to me as "the director who will turn you into the actors of an Oscar movie. ". Of that day I cannot be in control and my task and let things happen.

I am the right photographer if you are willing to trust , if looking at a photo excites your memory and not how it was made, if you think that my work is really important in leaving you a sincere trace of what you will want to experience that day .


I created a FAQ page to quickly answer the most frequently asked questions they ask me.

You can find it here.



In December 2020, together with Tina Massari , a precious friend and talented photographer, we started the RITRATTO project. Born both from the drive to sensitize people to return to print their photos, and from the pleasure of meeting and photographing them, the project has found its place in our daily life, becoming continuous and evolving.



PAF - Piccola Accademia di Fotografia is the school of which I am co-founder. Launched in Altamura at the end of 2020, the school wants to enter the territory as a reference for photographic training through courses, workshops, exhibition activities, artistic synergies.

I currently hold the role of director and teacher in some disciplines.

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