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Largo Nicolò Castelli 17 Altamura (BA)

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Your questions. My answers.




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There are always a thousand things to ask.

Here you will find some questions and answers that can help you.

What is your work area?

The studio is in Puglia. Although most of my weddings take place in this region, I move everywhere and traveling is not a problem. Photographing ceremonies outside my territory excites me a lot.  

Do you have collaborators who support you during your work?

Yes. I have trusted collaborators, professionals too. We always move in two and in special cases the team can increase. I choose them based on their availability, the couple's requests and the type of wedding to be held .

Can two couples book you for the same day?

No. I value my work a lot and have never taken two or more weddings on the same day. It is a rule that I have given myself, both out of respect for those who choose my services, and to guarantee my presence and live my work with serenity.  

What things would you not photograph at a wedding?

Mine is a narrative style. I tend to photograph everything that, within my personal way of seeing marriage, leads to the creation of a visual story. What I don't like to do, however, is to photograph people who pose to have dozens of photos all the same or in various combinations. I consider necessary only those with the family, which I do not escape. I also don't like to build fake scenes where the bride and groom have to play strange scripts or fake stunts.   I am not able to do it, unlike those who have built a style in this sense and are also very good.

Why are there so many black and white photos in your portfolio?

Black and white photography is my favorite form of expression. While I shoot I already preview in black and white, this helps me in the search for a result that is highly communicative. I use color when the color itself tells and gives strength to the story.

Do you also organize pre or post wedding sessions?

At the request of the couple yes. They must be organized in advance to understand the formula and the availability of time. However, what is going to happen is something detached from marriage. You can choose a portrait session in the studio, at the couple's home or other particular place or a photographic reportage in which I tell a day in the couple's life.   The result can be in the form of Fine Art prints or a small book.

What do you expect from the couples who choose you?

I invite them to have two attitudes: the first is to enjoy their wedding day and fully live every moment. The second, which concerns me more closely, is to give me their availability in terms of lightness, to have confidence in my work and let me do it without constraints or tell me what and how to carry out my profession.   I expect that there is a peaceful relationship on both sides.

We live outside the area, how do we book or arrange a preliminary meeting?

No problem. We are in the age of connectivity and we can set up a video call via mobile or web to get to know each other first. On the contact page it is possible to send an appointment request and then it will be my concern to get in touch with you.

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